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Fresh out of Hartford, CT. Google Wisdom Gully. Straight blessings. Much love. Live once. Wisdom Gully
Work hard now and later on we all play.. Gotta stay focused. Wisdom Gully

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L Wisdom Gully Edwards Born in Hartford, CT on march 5th 1990 a Hip-Hop/Soul Musician has always loved listening to music especially instrumentals since his early elementary years. His passion at a young age lead him into a lot of trouble with his first grade teacher. He used to spend more time drumming beats on his desk than he did paying attention in class. Wisdom Gully first began writing music at the age of 9, and began recording music at the age of 12. Wisdom Gully has performed at many different locations throughout his home state of Connecticut and is now looking to expand and showcase his stage presence to various crowds within the New England region. He has proven that he can attract the audience, hold their attention and entertain them no matter the size of the crowd. His words exact "All i have to do is allow my music to comfort me, get into my zone and connect with the crowd. I've yet to put out an album because I'm not content with my fan base just yet. So for now I'm working on a series of mix-tapes and growing my internet buzz". Wisdom Gully music ranges from Hip-Hop to Pop to Soul to Reggae.

Wisdom Gully

Diary Page 4

With a laid back tone and diverse tempo his lyrics are straight to the point, inspirational and meaningful, "I live by my lyrics word for word" Wisdom Gully. With experience performing at various open mics, showcases, talent shows, radio shows, concert openings and even club performances, Wisdom Gully feels confident and is ready to explore the world. He has earned his way onto the Top Indie Songs Chart with the #1 song "Diary Page 4" which remained #1 for about 4 weeks.

“LIfe is a Journey so pack well” -Gully


Wisdom Gully

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Wisdom Gully

Cold World

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Wisdom Gully


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